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Read More CRISPR-Cas9 provides the means to perform genome editing and facilitates loss-of-function screens.However, we and others demonstrated that expression of the Cas9 endonuclease induces a gene-independent response that correlates with the number of target sequences in the genome.Also on offer will be a new line of blown glass lighting - pendant lights, accent lighting and chandeliers which are being shown to the public for the first time.The open house will be held on May 26 and 27 from 10 am to 4 pm at the Infinite Glassworks Studio which is located at 159 Pellisier Street in Eugenia, at the entrance to the Eugenia Falls Conservation area.Read More Metzakopian Emmanouil Strong Alex Iyer Vivek Hodgkins Alex Tzelepis Konstantinos Antunes Liliana Friedrich Mathias J Kang Qiaohua Davidson Teresa Lamberth Jacob Hoffmann Christina Davis Gregory D Vassiliou George S Skarnes William C Bradley Allan Scientific reports 2017-05-01CRISPR-Cas9 technology has accelerated biological research becoming routine for many laboratories.Read More Dorr Casey R Remmel Rory P Muthusamy Amutha Fisher James Moriarity Branden Yasuda Kazuto Wu Baolin Guan Weihua Schuetz Erin G Oetting William S Jacobson Pamala A Israni Ajay K Drug Metabolism and Disposition 2017-05-01CRISPR/Cas9 engineering of the CYP3A5 *3 locus (rs776746) in human liver cell line Hu H-7 (CYP3A5 *3/*3) led to three CYP3A5 *1 cell lines by deletion of the exon 3B splice junction or point mutation.Cohesin subunits frequently acquire cancer loss-of-function alterations and act as tumour suppressors in several tumour types. Read More Metzakopian Emmanouil, Strong Alex, Iyer Vivek, Hodgkins Alex, Tzelepis Konstantinos, Antunes Liliana, Friedrich Mathias J, Kang Qiaohua, Davidson Teresa, Lamberth Jacob, Hoffmann Christina, Davis Gregory D, Vassiliou George S, Skarnes William C, Bradley Allan Scientific reports 2017-05-01CRISPR-Cas9 technology has accelerated biological research becoming routine for many laboratories.

In culture, however, most viral isolates that infect microbes are represented by a few variants isolated on type strains, limiting our ability to study how natural variation affects ...

A local glass-maker is holding an open house that will provide a burst of colour in time for the spring season.

“We are excited to fling open the doors for spring!

Here we show that the type II-B Fn Cas9 from Francisella novicida possesses novel p...

Read More Cohesin is a multi-protein complex that tethers sister chromatids during mitosis and mediates DNA repair, genome compartmentalisation and regulation of gene expression.

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